Pros and Cons for Lash Extensions

Should you get a classic eyelash extension for your wedding? One of the number one questions I get asked most! Here is a brief explanation of what eyelash extensions or Lash Fills really are, and their pros and cons to see if they are right for you!


Lash extensions are small lashes that get placed on your natural lash. They are placed by hand with a semi permanent glue to last 3-4 weeks. There are several different kind of lashes with various size, length and volume that create different looks based on your personal preference. The process takes about 2.5 hours for a full set.

To keep your lashes full, it is recommended to have fills done about every three weeks. Fills table about 1 hour.

lash extensions


They save so much time getting ready. You wake up every morning with eyes already done and you can just trow on a little concealer, gloss and go. They are wonderful for having on your honeymoon with minimal getting ready work, especially if your heading to a beach destination. Lash extensions create a more youthful appearance. You always look great in your photos! They make you feel beautiful and glamorous every day. They:

-Adds volume and fullness to your natural lashes

-Adds depth to your face

-Enhances your eyes

-Lifts your natural eyes and opens them up

-Creates a more youthful appearance.


-Expensive. They can be pricey and you do need to be ready to make the commitment of going every three weeks for natural fills. A full set should fun you $150-$225 for a licensed professional and refills are typically $60-$80 every three weeks.

-Lashes take a long time to fill and refill

-You have to be responsible with your lashes and care for them. It is recommended you for not apply mascara on the them, or wear gel, pencil, or liquid eyeliner on the top only. You can, however, use eyeshadow as eyeliner.

-Lash damage. If you dont go to someone experienced and good, you can damage your natural lashes. Do your research.

Keep in mind, you are stuck with the same lash look for as long as you have the extensions. Meaning if your wanting longer lashes for your wedding day, you will need to get the lash extensions exactly how you would want them on wedding day.


If your looking to get them done for your wedding, I recommend getting them done a few months before so you can make sure your happy with the look and don’t have a reaction to the glue or the lashes. It will take some getting used to. Don’t be surprised when getting them done you feel it’s too much. This is a normal feeling. I recommend taking a photo of yourself, after you get them done. If you like how they look in the photo, your good!

In my personal opinion, I have lash extensions and I love them! I had them for my wedding and for me- it was the best decision ever!

Want to view some different lash extensions? Head on over to and browse away!

Have any additional questions? Comment below and I will be happy to help you out and answer as many questions as I can about lash extensions!