Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails

Are you looking to get long, beautiful, glamorous hair for your wedding day? Then let me share with you a little secret of an amazing product that I have been using now for the last few months that has helped my beauty routine a lot! Most everyone knows it’s important to take vitamins but most hate to take them due to uncomfortable swallowing or the taste.

When I finally got a hold of the Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails, gummy vitamins, I started to appreciate beauty vitamins more and realized they are actually a big help in looking and feeling your best!

What It Is: A vitamin in a chewy, gummy berry flavor form whereas, one serving provides 2x the biotin, 4 times the antioxidents C and E, 6000 mg of Vitamin A and 12 additional essential nutrients.

What It Claims To Do: Provides support in obtaining beautiful hair and it is a sensitive solutions for hair loss, skin and nails. These Womens Supplements for Hair Loss are proven effective and safe. They have recently been partnering with a supplement marketing agency, and they have become quite well known. As more people have come to know the product more and more have tried it, and the positive word of mouth has been spreading.

How It Works: Containing 5000 mcg worth of Biotin, take one small serving per day ( about 3 pieces) for optimal results.

My Results: First and foremost, they taste good! It is kind of like eating candy which makes it SOOOO much easier to ingest. I noticed more results with my hair than anything else. Using a flat iron almost every day on my locks, since using the Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins, my hair is less dry and brittle. It certainly is growing faster, too, as I am finding now I have to attend my hairstylist every 4 weeks for color versus the 5 or 6 I sued to be able to do. i also loved using another product that helped me a lot. You can find a good Procerin review here on this site.

Left Image: Before my hair was dry and brittle
Right Image: My hair after using the vitamins much more healthy!

Nails are certainly more strong, and breaking less, which I could never grow my nails out before so its nice now to have longer nails without them breaking all the time.

I use a pretty advanced skin care routine already so I didn’t notice too much change in my skin, but hair and nails are certainly a great change for the better to keep my purchasing these amazing little candy bites.

If you hate to swallow vitamins and are looking to get some good health going and or maybe reaching to grown out your hair for a special occasion, wedding or event, I would for sure add these to your beauty routine. They are a easy and less expensive way to a gorgeous glamorous look! I am excited to try out some of their other products: Beauty Sleep and Relaxed Mood. I also recommend you to check out hair loss prevention sterling if you want in-depth knowledge on how to take good care of your hair.

Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails are, also, gluten free and can be purchased online at and most retail stores such as Walmart and Target.

Why We Don’t Offer Online Booking

Want to know why we dont offer makeup and hair online bookings? In the online world every growing and changing, we can book our wedding online with just a few clicks and never meet anyone who will be involved in the most important day of our lives! Sure, while it’s great to have everything right at our finger tips, to create a quick and easy way to get things done, I wanted to take the time out to create some insider tips on why its not always best just because it’s easy!

las vegas wedding tips
1. We want to get to know YOU!
Hair and makeup is SUCH a personal process! If you tell me you want me to make you look natural, natural to me is different from your type of natural, so it’s always good to spend a little time, with you, getting to know your personal makeup style and how you wear makeup on a daily basis.

2. Large Groups Take Time
With any wedding party of 4 or more, we have to make sure your bridesmaids dont out shine the bride! We never book a large party without at least speaking to the bride on the phone, if possible, and finding out more information about the group. Do they all have long hair, are there any ethnicity needs? Do any of them have hair extensions? These are all factors to discuss with your artist beforehand so your group can be on a timely session.

las vegas wedding tips
Las Vegas Wedding tips

3. Your Personal Style
Like I said before, we want to get to know YOU! Why? If your having a rustic/vintage themed wedding, we dont want to give you a roaring 1920’s makeup and hair look. We go through a unique customization process during the online consultation to create a personal look for you using your wedding inspiration theme or photos.

4. Best Skin = Best Makeup
Yes, your makeup will only look as good as your skin! We need to know what you have been doing thus far for your skin so we an make some helpful suggestions to get it looking perfect! I dont care how good the makeup is, get on a proper skin care routine. Cleanse, Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturizer, AND dont forget to exfoliate 2-3 times per week. If you need help- ask me!

las vegas wedding hair tips
las vegas wedding hair tips

5. 2 Day Dirty Hair
Who all has heard to come to the wedding with 2 day dirty hair? While this works with some brides, this doesnt always work for everyone. If its fine or thin, we might want you to come with clean, dry hair. Again, this is why the trial and or consultation is so important so we an have the opportunity to tell you how to come prepared to best outcome!

There you have it, the top 5 reasons why we dont do makeup and hair online bookings! We have to consult with you so we can create a personal and intimate experience for your dream wedding! It’s as simple as that! Some may call it old fashion, but yes, coming from the midwest, there are just some values and traditions we have to stick to!