Tired of watching YouTube tutorials for online makeup lessons and still not getting your makeup right?

Forget the marketing YouTube gimmicks. Ditch the influencers and learn to solve your makeup problems from a professional makeup artist. Learn what THEY are taught and the PRO techniques in your makeup application. Its time to claim your confidence and put your best face forward though my Color Her Confident private online makeup lessons!

makeup lessons brianna michelle beauty

Do you want to look younger? Want your eyes to pop? Are you suffering from red and blotchy skin and just want to look more polished and feel beautiful? Take a Color Her Confident Course!

I am Brianna Michelle! An award-winning online makeup coach, award winning wedding makeup artist, and educator for women, all over the world, who are business professionals, executives, moms, and anyone looking to gain confidence in themselves and get ahead in life.

I teach women how to confidently apply makeup!  This online makeup lessons course will help you understand the techniques in how to put on makeup, easily, and effortlessly and with confidence. The course is designed specifically for your profession, age or lifestyle. I guide you through the foundation of makeup application, so you understand, the HOW, WHY, and WHEN. In addition, I provide you with my VIP product list, I personally use on my brides, clients and celebrities. 

makeup lessons brianna michelle beauty

If you are you having problems with how to do eyeliner? Or, want to get rid of dark circles, your in the right place! I help women how to cover Rosacea?How to do eyeshadow, and so much more! 

Imagine, being able to finally get your makeup right and feel confident when you look in the mirror? For the last 15 years, I have been making women feel beautiful, and as a result, they want to know how to recreate their looks themselves. Now they can! I teach you my EXACT formula I use on my clients in the comfort of your own home.

I am RESULTS DRIVEN which means if I put my time and energy into creating a detailed 10 course lesson program,  you will get results because I care! 

…and it’s NOT just about makeup, I dive in deep, real and go through each question my clients have asked me for the last 15 years! Learn how to hold your makeup brushes correctly, and create a polished look every time.

Is the Color Her Confident Program for me?

It is for you if…

  • It’s time for a professional polished makeup look to get ahead in your career or lifestyle brand.
  • You are transitioning from your 30’s to your 40’s or 40’s to 50’s and your makeup just isn’t working like it used to.
  • The hundreds of You Tube videos you watched hasn’t taught you how to apply makeup correctly.
  • You’re dating and want to put your best face forward.
  • Are a mom who just wants some quick makeup tips to look more polished in everyday life.
  • Have a makeup problem, concern or issue.
  • Just aren’t sure how to do makeup steps in order for best outcome.

How does the online makeup lessons for beginners work?

  • Four downloadable DETAILED makeup lessons-  just for beginners -delivered to your inbox. (How To Look Younger With Skincare, Foundation and Concealer, How To Make Your Eyes Pop, and How To Contour To Look Younger and Ageless.) ( $1000 Value)
  • Best Makeup Products List delivered to your inbox, so you know what my “best makeup products” are to create an easy and effortless application for you! ($197 Value)
  • These are the EXACT products I use on my clients and the exact foundation and application formulas I’ve learned for the last 15 years!!!!  I’ve done all the work for you and put it together in this #1 Makeup Program to Look Younger and Feel more Confident!

What can you expect to get out of the program? 

  • Customized makeup pro techniques, specifically designed to look YOUNGER!!!!
  • Tips and Tricks on how to create a more youthful appearance.
  • Age appropriate makeup techniques. Easy ways to choose colors.
  • Easy and effortless ways in how to apply eyeliner to perfection.
  • Learn which brushes are best to use for a polished and pro look.
  • How to cover dark circles and skin imperfections.
  • Learn how to make makeup last all day.
  • Confidence in FINALLY knowing how to put your best face forward and shine your light and SO MUCH MORE!  

What my clients are saying…

Bri was the consummate professional! I didn't think it was possible to learn so much in a session! She taught me not only about technique, but about proper skin care and importance of having the right tools. When I got home, I told friends and family it was probably the best money I have spent in my life! I wish I had gotten a professional makeup lesson 20 years ago!
Google Review
You don't realize how much you have changed my life and my confidence! I will brag about you for the rest of my life! I am going to be 55 this year and I feel like I look so much younger now because of your instruction and support with this makeup. To be honest, I was starting to really give up on myself and not sure where to turn. You have been an angel that came into my life at the right time!
Instagram Testimonial
My makeup and skin care lesson with Brianna was amazing! It's been so helpful to find out the best products for my skin and truly know how to properly apply makeup. It has only been a few weeks and I already see an improvement in my skin. I highly recommend booking a session!
Melissa Z
Facebook Review
Note to all ladies don't listen to the Pinterest contouring pictures- see Brianna for a much more simple and natural contour! I never thought I would be able to pull off a smokey eye but with Brianna's help I learned how to take my pretty day eye to a quick sexy smokey eye!
Brittany L
Google Review
makeup lessons by Brianna michelle makeup coach

Frequently asked questions:

Why would I need this program, if I can just google search for my answer?  The program is specific in addressing all your detailed questions such as the “types” of eyeliner for your age, and skin type. Plus, not only am I veteran of 15 years, I cut out all the searching for you, as a result, you have your very own personal makeup coach at hand!

What if I have a question while I am taking the course that does not get answered in the program? You get automatically entered into our VIP Private Facebook Group where you can post a question and it will be answered, as its checked weekly by the community, myself or my administrative team.

I am not technical. Will I be able to complete the program? The program is step by step, organized and easy for anyone to navigate as long as you know how to click on a link and be able to download zoom to your computer.

What if I don’t have all the makeup products that I need for the program, am I obligated to buy at the end of the course? The program is #1 designed to work with the products you already have with some exclusions based on age and skin texture. There can be a small product investment, however, you are not obligated to buy products. In addition, you will get access to the products you need in the “makeup prescription” portion of the lesson. If you missing something you can purchase it in my private shop. You will have access to the shop beforehand, during or after the course.

Your support is always appreciated!

Are you tired of feeling old, looking to step up your beauty game, or just want your makeup to work for you and not against you? Ready to claim your confidence in your makeup look, put your best face forward, finally be able to feel confident and learn what you have been searching for from YouTube and get it RIGHT this time?

Claim your confidence now and download the Online Makeup Lessons Beauty Bundle course for only $111!

Courses Include: How To Look Younger with Skincare, Foundation and Concealer, How To Make Your Eyes POP, and How To Contour for an Instant Younger Looking Appearance!

 Click on the link below to purchase.
makeup lessons brianna michelle beauty

Hello Beauties……

Ladies, I have been painting faces and educating since 2003. People mostly know me for my before and after makeup transformations. I love serving the world by teaching women and helping them feel more beautiful and confident about themselves. Every woman deserves to step into her celebrity and fall in love with herself when she looks in the mirror! 

I am most passionate about living the dream and sharing the world with others that you can claim your confidence and live your dream!  On most days, when I am not doing a wedding, you can find me on my lap top creating and cultivating life as an entrepreneur. When I am not busy, you can find me planning my next trip because I live to travel, having a much needed spa day, or watching HSN and trying not to buy everything I see. People often refer to me as kind, bubbly, personable, approachable, and inspiring. I believe every woman should never walk out of the house without lipstick and a confident smile.

makeup lessons brianna michelle beauty
makeup lessons brianna michelle beauty
makeup lessons brianna michelle beauty