Makeup Lessons

What Is Your Makeup Problem? Let me Solve It for YOU!

 This is not your average makeup lesson because true beauty all starts from the inside. It is a session where we discuss your beauty needs makeup problems in a makeup lesson and teach you how to do it all yourself with the right professional tips, products and tools. Each clients beauty needs all starts from the inside and where they want to go and what they want to achieve with their physical look. Don’t just feel and look beautiful on special occasions…….feel your beautiful self EVERY DAY!!!!
las vegas makeup lessons
las vegas makeup lessons

They are for you if…..

You have a makeup problem, concern or issue?

You are wanting to spruce up your marriage.

You are looking for a more professional polished look to get ahead in the workplace.

You have recently lost a lot of weight and want to look good on the outside, to match how good you feel on the inside.

Are getting married and are looking for a new YOU!

You have watched hundreds of You Tube videos and still cant get some things right.

You are transitioning from your 20’s to 30’s or your 40’s to 50’s and your makeup just isn’t working like it used to.

Is this is you………Start with a Group Session

Group Sessions

The following lessons are available and customized for groups via LIVE with Zoom, with a 4-8 person group minimum. Make sure you get on the list by filling out the contact form.

  • Coverage, Concealer and Contour- Wednesday, June 6th 6pm PST time
  • How to Makeup My Eyeliner Stay Put- COMING SOON
  • Perfecting My Foundation- COMING SOON
  • Easy Smokey Eye- COMING SOON
  • Ageless Beauty (for women over 40)- COMING SOON

How Do I Sign Up For a Group Session?

Fill in the form with the preferred day, time class, and your experience with makeup thus far and we will get in touch with you! Must have skype, facetime,, or zoom and a good internet connection. 

Get On The List!

VIP Private Beauty Transformation Sessions

During a private VIP makeup lesson, Brianna will demonstrate her techniques on herself as well as watch and guide you step-by-step as you do your own makeup or hair on yourself. All lessons are customized to the client’s needs such as face shape, eye shape AND LIFESTYLE.

In the privacy of your own home or suite, she will teach you her secrets in a relaxed, low pressure environment and ensure that by the time your session is over you are capable of achieving the look you are wanting to learn!

She will also give you an assessment on your skin care and makeup bag, give you product recommendations and instruct you on how to choose the right makeup for yourself. Destinations are welcome!