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Bridal Makeup Tips for Fair Skin
By: Brianna Michelle

Bridal makeup for fair skin can be tricky especially if your not wanting to look too pasty on your wedding day. Here are a few bridal makeup tips that will keep you from not looking pasty, and makeup recommendations match that porcelain skin allowing you to embrace your fair beauty. Scuplting Powders For those who Read the full article…

Lisa Batiz
By: Brianna Michelle
Kristi Wooden
By: Brianna Michelle

Casey Grana
By: Brianna Michelle

What Is Primer and Why Is It Important
By: Brianna Michelle

What is primer?….. it’s a question I get asked ALL the time and the truth is you shouldn’t even be wearing a makeup foundation unless you are using a primer! Yep! I said it! Don’t waste your time! Its like walking out of the house without wearing underwear- but worse…and that is why most people Read the full article…

Tips To Find Your Bridal Makeup Look For Wedding Day
By: Brianna Michelle

Not sure how to find the right bridal makeup look for you? With so many styles and looks out there, how do you decide on just one look for the most important day of your life! Here are some helpful tips and tools to help you in finding that perfect look for you that will Read the full article…

Best Bridal Makeup Looks of 2017
By: Brianna Michelle

I cant even count the number of bridal makeup looks we did this year, so I compiled a list of my top  favorite looks of ours personally, as well as, some popular inspiration images shot by real photographers that hit the charts for 2017. The most popular bridal makeup trend we saw was more eye Read the full article…

Best Makeup Tips For A Natural Look
By: Brianna Michelle

Thanks for reading! Here are my best makeup tips for a natural look. If your wanting to wear a natural makeup look, but never get it to look quite as polished as you wanted it to, keep reading. Lets face it, most everyone wants to look au natural and that they’re not wearing much makeup, Read the full article…

How To Get Glowing Skin
By: Brianna Michelle

Not sure how to get glowing skin? Has Winter got your skin looking rough? With my wedding season over, I have been traveling a bit and find my skin dry, flakey, dull and in desperate need of help and rejuvenation. If your finding, your doing all the normal skin care routine, but still feel dry Read the full article…

Victoria Windsor
By: Brianna Michelle
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