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How To Apply Makeup
By: Brianna Michelle

How to apply makeup to feel confident in your makeup application and in yourself!   I get it, makeup application can be so overwhelming! With all the products and steps, how do you know which is the right way to apply your makeup to perfection? Today’s blog post will take you step by step in Read the full article…

Pros and Cons for Lash Extensions
By: Brianna Michelle

Should you get lash extensions for your wedding? One of the number one questions I get asked most! Here is a brief explanation of lash extensions and what they are, pros and cons and to see if they are right for you! WHAT ARE THEY? Lash extensions are small lashes that get placed on your Read the full article…

Bridal Hair Tips
By: Brianna Michelle

Bridal hair tips and preparation are just as important as skin prep for the big day and are SO CRITICAL, especially if your wanting a more dramatic bridal hair look! You probably don’t think there is a lot in that goes into bridal hair styling, but the truth is………. If your wanting a  hair look Read the full article…

My Wedding Is In 12 Days
By: Brianna Michelle

My wedding is in 12 days, and I’ll be Mrs. Young and I am just bursting at the seams with joy, but man I don’t know where I am coming or going. It’s been non stop the last week with finalizing the wedding timeline, and everything with our vendors, etc and running Brianna Michelle Beauty. Read the full article…

Why I Chose A Second Wedding Dress
By: Brianna Michelle

It’s been quite the journey shopping for a wedding dress!  I wanted to share a little bit of my wedding planning experience and a bit of this journey with you because I felt is was SO important to get a different perspective and take on it all. Being on the other side of the wedding Read the full article…

Wedding Makeup Artist Pro Tips
By: Brianna Michelle

Prepping for your wedding day can feel overwhelming! Here are some wedding makeup artist pro tips in making sure your look is perfect on the big day! Treat Your Skin Your wedding makeup will only look as well as you take care of your skin. Therefore being on a regular skincare routine, at least 4-6 weeks Read the full article…

Bridal Makeup Tips for Fair Skin
By: Brianna Michelle

Bridal makeup for fair skin can be tricky especially if your not wanting to look too pasty on your wedding day. Here are a few bridal makeup tips that will keep you from not looking pasty, and makeup recommendations match that porcelain skin allowing you to embrace your fair beauty. Scuplting Powders For those who Read the full article…

Casey Grana
By: Brianna Michelle
What Is Primer and Why Is It Important
By: Brianna Michelle

What is primer?….. it’s a question I get asked ALL the time and the truth is you shouldn’t even be wearing a makeup foundation unless you are using a primer! Yep! I said it! Don’t waste your time! Its like walking out of the house without wearing underwear- but worse…and that is why most people Read the full article…

Tips To Find Your Bridal Makeup Look For Wedding Day
By: Brianna Michelle

Not sure how to find the right bridal makeup look for you? With so many styles and looks out there, how do you decide on just one look for the most important day of your life! Here are some helpful tips and tools to help you in finding that perfect look for you that will Read the full article…

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