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Bridal Hair Tips

by Brianna Michelle on August 12, 2018

Bridal hair tips and preparation are just as important as skin prep for the big day and are SO CRITICAL, especially if your wanting a more dramatic bridal hair look!

You probably don’t think there is a lot in that goes into bridal hair styling, but the truth is……….

las vegas bridal hair tips

If your wanting a  hair look that is a little more dramatic, with hair extensions, there are some bridal hair tips and steps involved you have to do on your end before meeting with your artist.

las vegas bridal hair tips

  1. Make sure your using good hair products. Using certain drugstore brands can strip the hair and can cause damage and breakage which can pop through when professionally styling. Even leave in conditioners are not recommended as they can also create a film on the hair and can cause build up leaving the hair limp and lifeless. Pantene is not a good hair product. Get salon products such as Bumble and Bumble, Paul Mitchell and Joico, etc and if your hair is colored, make sure you using the “color treated” formula.
  2. If your wanting to grow out your hair, its recommended getting a baby trim every 8 weeks to keep the hair strong. Yes, you hair will still grow and get long getting it trimmed. You never want to go long periods of time without getting your hair cut as this can cause spit ends and damage looking hair.
  3. If your hair is not the right length or thickness for the desired style, be honest and talk with your artist about other hair options in creating the dream bridal hair look you want. Clip in real hair extensions and pieces can be placed in creating your dream look. Its always best to have these BEFORE your trial session.
  4. If you are using clip in hair extensions, its recommended to get them trimmed and cut from your hairstylist so they match the length and layers of your real hair, before the trial, as well as dirty them up a bit. I recommend washing them and laying them flat on a towel to dry so they are not stick straight when coming out of the packaging.
  5. OLEPLEX. One important word! Its a life changer when it comes to your hair. I recommend getting this conditioning treatment a week or so before wedding day to deep condition your hair and make sure its healthy and ready to look glamorous on your big day!
  6. BOOK A TRIAL and be honest and upfront about your hair’s texture, condition with your artist. With the transparency of the business, we are not able to feel or touch the hair until we actually see you. If your hair is thick, we need to know for timing purposes. If your hair is naturally curly, and you want it to look straight- ask us. Don’t come with your flat ironed because flat ironing the hair can also cause the hair to not take curl well as any heat to the hair seals the hair folicle. Again, no question is a dumb questions and communication is always the key to achieving your dream bridal hair look.

las vegas bridal hair tips

It doesnt take an army, but it does take some work on the client end as well as the professional end, to get yourself prepped for beauty! Hope you enjoyed these bridal hair tips and if you have one we didnt mentions, please comment below!

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