Why Do Wedding Hair and Makeup Trials Cost?

How do you find a wedding hair and makeup artist with out spending hundreds of dollars on trial after trial, and why do they cost in the first place, if they are a trial? Does this sound like you? Your not the only bride who is wanting her wedding hair and makeup to be perfect. Here are some tips and guidelines and a bit of education as to why trials cost, and how to find the right artist in order to have a successful trial.

las vegas wedding hair and makeup

First and foremost, a wedding hair and makeup trial starts with researching your artist. Look for reviews, and images of their work but also, how they conduct business, will say everything in the initial discovery email.

Next, it starts with you. Yes, YOU! As artists we cant read minds and when you tell us you want “natural makeup” that might mean different to the artist versus you, especially, if you arent used to wearing makeup at all! We recommend  starting to wear a bit more makeup, if your not used to wearing any at all just so you and your skin can get used to the look and feeling. Also, getting on a good skin care routine is also recommend so your wedding hair and makeup can look prestine and less cakey. Makeup doesnt look good on dry, dehydrated or under nourished skin.

As artists, we base our rates on time, product, and experience.

For the artist, there is a lot of experience that goes into making sure a brides trial is successful! One, knowing how to work and communicate with the bride is critical in being able to pin point the exact wedding hair and makeup look she’s going for and make her happy. Knowing how to work with the right foundation and products and see how they are oxidizing on her and knowing if they are oxidizing the wrong way, to be able to make that change – at the time of the trial. All this comes from the LEVEL of experience the artist or artists have.

If the brides not happy with certain looks, knowing how to communicate with the bride and help her get to the level she’s wanting. Its kind of like “Say Yes to the Dress” if you ever watched that show but its say “yes to the wedding hair and makeup!!” This entire process can take up to 2 hours. and thats why we put a rate on a bridal trial.

Last,  Professionalism, professionalism- its such a key factor in creating a gorgeous look for a happy bride!

Destination Wedding Makeup | Kate and Casey

When you get asked to fly for a destination wedding to do the brides wedding makeup and hair, you cant help but feel so excited and thrilled! Kate married Casey on 5.18.17 in beautiful St Augustine, Florida at The White Room a gorgeous venue overlooking the Lions Bay Bridge. Casey having some Hawaiian roots, Kate and Casey chose to have Hawaiian styled elements throughout the ceremony and reception with a simple laid back feel. Therefore, when it came to Kate’s makeup, we went for the same approach.

las vegas wedding makeup

When I get asked for destination wedding makeup and hair, sometimes it can be a little tricky depending on what the climate is, as Vegas has complete opposite weather from Florida’s natural humidity. This is where my skill in chemistry comes in handy. Most people don’t think about the chemistry behind wedding makeup, but there is TONS of chemistry behind application and product to achieve long wear durability.

las vegas wedding makeup artist

las vegas wedding makeup artist

When determining what type of wedding makeup to apply, we first evaluate the clients skin type and texture, then build from there. I used a very light weight airbrush spray foundation on Kate with an underlying matte primer to help with the humidity a bit. Kate requested a very understated simple, but clean look and I think we nailed it. We contoured her cheeks slightly with Lorac Pro shimmer in Moonlight and Mac Cosmetics sculpting powder in Shadester with a kiss of Nars Orgasm blush. Kate wore our kiss proof lipsense color in Bombshell.

las vegas wedding makeup artist

las vegas wedding makeup artist

While bride was happy and groom even happier staring into his princesses eyes, we were successful! Kate’s wedding makeup was stunning and Alex did such an amazing job capturing their love for each other!


las vegas wedding makeup artist

Creative Partners:

Venue: The White Room, St. Augustine, Florida

Photographer: Alexander Photography

Hair and Makeup: Yours Truely!



Airbrush Makeup Versus Photo Quality Makeup

There have been so many questions about airbrush makeup versus photo quality makeup in the last few months, I thought it would be nice to address the questions once in for all and give my professional opinion of both qualities, how they work, how they are different and why airbrush is not for everyone, and why I use BOTH!

Airbrush makeup versus quality makeup is different in the formula and how it is applied, but there are also different formulations. Airbrush formula can be made into a water based or even silicone base. Whereas photo quality makeup can be, also, created into different formulas such as hydrating formulas and more thick formulas for a full coverage look. Knowing how to evaluate your clients skin BEFORE choosing a formula is SUPER important because using the wrong formula could make or break the look you are trying to achieve.

Airbrush Makeup:

Airbrush makeup is known due to its light weight formula, providing medium to full coverage without looking or feeling heavy or cakey. Most airbrush formulas come out a silver gun attached to an airbrushing machine with compressor. Most commonly used wedding makeup formulas are Dinair and Temptu. These formulas applied buy the gun is just that. Its applied by the spray gun and you might be able to use a brush around the eye area for added concealer. It is not suppose to be added to my more product or other brush applications. Airbrush makeup is 16 hour wear and water resistant.

las vegas airbrush makeup
Airbrush Makeup Application

Photo Quality Makeup:

Photo Quality Makeup is much more versatile and versatile with other products and can still have the same 16 hour long lasting wear as the airbrush quality makeup. It comes in many different formulas, however, just keep in mind sometimes it does not chemically derive with all primers. Especially, silicone based primers, can be tricky. This is why you need to leave it up to your professional makeup artist to determine what time of primer you need based on the look, your skin and the type of foundation you are using.

las Vegas airbrush Makeup
Photo Quality Foundation Application

Now What?

It’s important to understand the chemistry of different makeup formulas, makeup application and how it applies to the skin and oxidizes, which is why I dont recommend using airbrush formula on everyone as sometimes this formula can be tricky on more mature skin. Their skin needs to be primed a certain way to accept the formula best. Certain primers can help accommodate airbrush makeup versus photo quality makeup and allow it to lay nicely on the skin.

Which One is Best For Me?

Allowing your makeup artist to make recommendations is best. Photo quality foundation can give a more natural look, versus the airbrush quality. Knowing that it is your wedding day, I always recommend a trial session and using a 16 hour wear foundation formula and, or, applying makeup in a way that is 16 hour wear and water resistant. I always customize the foundation formula to my clients needs and desired looks for best outcome!

For more recent before and after images head over to our instagram page here!

How To Do A Bold Bridal Makeup Look

Alexis was one of my brides, last Spring, that was not afraid to sport a bold, bridal makeup look!

Most brides are intimidated to sport a bold lip for their wedding day, but I try and educate as much as possible. If you are wanting that fresh, bold bridal makeup look, you have to create a contrast from the skin tone giving you more of that fresh, feminine glow and that can be done by choosing a bold lip color.

bold bridal makeup look
Lipsense lip cocktail in Plum and Purple Reign

Here are a few bridal makeup tips in sporting a bold lip shade.

How Do Do A Bold Bridal Makeup Look:

1.Match your lip color to one of your wedding accent colors. Do you have red in your bouquet, or a deep plum? Focus on accenting your lip color to match something that is in one of your wedding day elements such as your bouquet or accent flowers.

how to do a bold bridal makeup look

2. Create a Custom Lip Cocktail. Having a hard time matching a complimentary lip shade to your wedding elements? Try mixing your own shade. We mixed two Lipsense colors Plum and Purple Reign to create the perfect custom color for Alexis.

Plum Lipsense

3. Practice a Trial. You have to get used to seeing yourself in a bold bridal makeup look, so practice wearing the lip color BEFORE the wedding day. Taking selfies in the lip color will also help you in knowing how its going to photograph for the wedding day and make you feel more comfortable seeing yourself in such a dramatic look.

Purple Reign Lipsense

4. Keep Eyeshadow Simple, but Add Lots of Lash. By keeping the shadow simple, and adding lots of lash, helps keep the eyes dramatic enough, but balancing out the dramatic of the lip shade.

How to create a bold, bridal makeup look is THAT easy. It’s as simple as that. This plum color on Alexis was the perfect look for her rich, elegant and romantic wedding theme on the gorgeous Riviera Golf Club in Las Vegas. Most popular with our clients, lipsense is a kiss proof lip color, you dont have to ever worry about your lipstick coming off on your groom when you kiss him at the alter! Lipsense comes in 36 shades and can be found in the Facebook private group Wedding Tales and Cocktails here.

Creative Partners: 

Location: Riviera Golf Club Las Vegas

Dress: Bowties Bridal

Photo: M Place Productions

Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails

Are you looking to get long, beautiful, glamorous hair for your wedding day? Then let me share with you a little secret of an amazing product that I have been using now for the last few months that has helped my beauty routine a lot! Most everyone knows it’s important to take vitamins but most hate to take them due to uncomfortable swallowing or the taste.

When I finally got a hold of the Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails, gummy vitamins, I started to appreciate vitamins more and realized they are actually a big help in looking and feeling your best!

What It Is: A vitamin in a chewy, gummy berry flavor form whereas, one serving provides 2x the biotin, 4 times the antioxidents C and E, 6000 mg of Vitamin A and 12 additional essential nutrients.

What It Claims To Do: Provides support to obtaining beautiful hair, skin and nails.

How It Works: Containing 5000 mcg worth of Biotin, take one small serving per day ( about 3 pieces) for optimal results.

My Results: First and foremost, they taste good! It is kind of like eating candy which makes it SOOOO much easier to ingest. I noticed more results with my hair than anything else. Using a flat iron almost every day on my locks, since using the Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins, my hair is less dry and brittle. It certainly is growing faster, too, as I am finding now I have to attend my hairstylist every 4 weeks for color versus the 5 or 6 I sued to be able to do.

Left Image: Before my hair was dry and brittle
Right Image: My hair after using the vitamins much more healthy!

Nails are certainly more strong, and breaking less, which I could never grow my nails out before so its nice now to have longer nails without them breaking all the time.

I use a pretty advanced skin care routine already so I didnt notice too much change in my skin, but hair and nails are certainly a great change for the better to keep my purchasing these amazing little candy bites.

If you hate to swallow vitamins and are looking to get some good health going and or maybe reaching to grown out your hair for a special occasion, wedding or event, I would for sure add these to your beauty routine. They are a easy and less expensive way to a gorgeous glamorous look! I am excited to try out some of their other products: Beauty Sleep and Relaxed Mood.

Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails are, also, gluten free and can be purchased online at www.gummyvites.com and most retail stores such as Walmart and Target.



Las Vegas Weddings- Riley and Kevin

Las Vegas has many wedding venues that don’t pose to the typical Elvis Chapel, such as the JW Marriott in Summerlin. Riley and Kevin chose one of my favorite all time wedding locations for the perfect backdrop to say their “I do’s.”

las vegas weddings
Las Vegas Weddings- JW Marriott

When Riley and I first had a chance to meet at her trial session, I knew it was an instant hit! Sweet, bubbly and full of life, I couldnt wait to create the perfect hair and makeup look for her wedding day! In addition, Riley and Kevin have know each other since preschool, so this look needed some extra getting to know that personalized all the history these two had!

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup

Knowing the backdrop of her venue, and her gorgeous wedding bouquet, I was able to customize Riley’s makeup look to match her bouquet, along with the sophistication of her gown.

Any makeup look for your wedding always initially starts with the eyes, so we went for something more natural and chose color tones that allowed the flecks of green in her hazel/brown eyes to pop a bit. Soft, and lightly smokey, we needed a little bit of smoke to balance out her sleek and sexy Katie May wedding gown!

Las Vegas Wedding Makeup Artist
Las Vegas Wedding Makeup Artist

Lips, which sometimes tend to get pushed aside a bit, are always one of the most important elements because they frame the smile, so we went with a more sophisticated natural lip color, our kiss proof Lipsense in Bella, that matched the flecks in her floral bouquet.

Las Vegas Wedding Makeup and Hair

The final product was WHOA!!!! Can we say what a great “come to together!”

Las Vegas Wedding Hair and Makeup

Bridesmaids in different colored rose gold and blush inspired gowns, along with Riley’s sleek, sophisticated, yet classic, sexy style dress made everyone stop in their tracks when everyone walked down the aisle. It was a picture perfect moment for these two with I’am sure many more memories to come!

Las Vegas Wedding Makeup and Hair

Additional Creative Partners:

Planning and Coordination: Green Orchid Events

Floral: Roxi Floral

Dress: Katie May Collection

Photographer: Marilyn Days




Botox In A Bottle? My Experience With Nerium

Hi my beauties and beautiful brides!
I am super excited to share another great product with you all today! This one might be familiar to some, its called Nerium. Yep, the product where the lady approaches you tells you about this amazing product, demo’s it and asks her to join your team? Well, let me tell you ladies that this product is the miracle worker!!! I can see why all their distributors are so in love with it!

Kristi was so kind to send me a bottle of the Age Defying Night Cream, ($120) and a few samples of the eye. From the moment I applied it to my face, it felt as if I had instant botox. I felt my skin tightening and a slight tingle and it felt nice and refreshing.

What It Does: Claims to minimize fine lines and wrinkles all while tightening the skin and providing a more youthful appearance.

From the Company’s Website:

  • The Night Cream powered by our proprietary NAE-8 extract helps:
    • Address both the signs of aging as well as the causes.
    • Acts as a powerful antioxidant and works to inhibit free radical damage.
    • Boosts the cell renewal process to reveal younger-looking skin.
    • Targets the causes of skin-damaging inflammation.
  • The unique, mask-like product form allows the product to gently adhere to skin for maximum delivery of the key ingredients.
  • The advanced formula targets both the existing and future signs of aging resulting in younger-looking skin.
  • Fights the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, sagging skin.
  • Perfect for use on face, neck, décolletage, hands.
  • Ideal for all skin types:
    • Non-comedogenic
    • Dermatologist tested

How It Works: After cleansing the face, apply 4 pumps to the palm of your hand and then apply it to the face on damp skin. You want the product to mesh with the water on your face, thus allowing it to feel like lotion. So what is the actual ingredient that makes the wrinkles go away? It’s a patent product called NAE-8 that is a derived antioxident and plant extract from nerium oleander and aloe vera.

My Results: While I use really great skin care on a daily basis, I could see my skin tightening when I used the product, however, since I didnt have a lot of wrinkles, results might have been more noticeable on someone with more mature skin. While must be used daily, for continuous results, this is a fabulous alternative to botox while doing something less harmful to your body.

4 Weeks Of Using The Product

In My Opinion: If you ever have been in the mall and have been approached by one of those kiosks skin care people, this product is very similar to those $500 creams for a much better price! Although, I only got to try a few samples of the eye product, but this was great too! Tightened my eye and reduced my fine lines. It’s a fabulous product for someone over 40!
A great alternative to botox and a great pick me up to the aging process! If you would like to purchase nerium or are interested in trying some samples, contact Kristi Lacefield, Nerium International Brand partner, www. klacefield.nerium.com, or visit her facebook page at www.facebook.com/klacefield.nerium. 
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PUR Minerals Bare It All Foundation Review

Hold the phone! PUR minerals has a new foundation out that gives my 16 hour wear airbrush foundation a run for it’s money! This could give brides the an affordable foundation alternative versus airbrush for the DIY beauty bride.

One of the second best things about being a makeup artist, besides making others feel good, is getting sent fabulous makeup products to review and test out. My latest foundation to review is this new one called Bare It All by PUR Minerals. Perhaps you have seen it at Ulta or Kohls?

Full Face with Pur Minerals Bare It All Foundation
Wearing Lipsense Lip Color: Hazelnut

Lets not mistake this foundation as Bare Minerals. This is PUR Minerals- just wanted to clarify! Sent with two unique and new on the market foundation brushes, this product surprised me! I expected it to be light in coverage but I was way wrong! It’s super thick, full coverage, yet doesnt feel heavy or itchy.

This demi-matte foundation is a 4 in 1 product claiming it has 12 hour wear. I wasnt sure what all the 4 in 1 specifics were, but it does perfect and correct, containing skin care properties to be good to the skin. Another plus is that you can use it on the body as well! Tattoo cover-ups here I come!

I had a little bit difficulty using the brushes, they sent me, with the product as the formula is so thick a more thinner brush bristle seemed to work better for me, but the brushes are super nice and I am eager to try them out with a more sheer formula. Still sheering out the product, it does remove all redness, blemishes to skins perfection.

I tried the PUR Minerals foundation without a primer and using the Make Up For Ever Equalizer primer and couldnt tell that much of a difference (above picture). My skin is very smooth so perhaps someone with more acne or poress skin would be able to tell the difference with primer.

Before and After Using Pur Minerals Bare It All
Wearing Lipsense Lip Color: Blu-Red

I will say that if you havent tried a full coverage foundation before, this might be a little tough to work as you do have to blend it as its thick and full coverage. For mature skin, add a little bit of moisturizer into the foundation to sheer it out a bit for a smoother application.

It certainly lasted more than 12 hours and with the Vegas dry climate! I am excited to start using this on my brides. I would also highly recommend this for oily skin due to the texture and the matte formula!!! Love it!

Overall, I give this a 5 Star rating out of 5 stars for a full coverage foundation!!! For $39 (1.5 oz size) you cant beat it giving it’s a 12 hour wear and is a 4 in one product! In comparison, I would say this competes with MAC Studio Fix and Kat Von D. 
You can purchase the Pur Bare It All Foundation at Ulta, Kohls or on their website.

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Welcome and Carpe Diem!

Hello and welcome to my lifestyle blog! Wedding makeup artist by day and living a fabulous life 365 days of the year. I was inspired to start this blog to share more wedding inspiration, my journey in hopes to inspire others.

I chose the name Wedding Tales and Cocktails for a few different reasons. One, “wedding tales” is all the wedding inspiration, I get to live on a daily bases with Las Vegas being the number one wedding destination in the United States and number 2 in the entire world, and of course our adventures in our newest location- San Diego!
Two, “cocktails” ( a bend of mixing up things) comes from wanting to share a little more fun in between about my journey, love of fashion, travels, and my most amazing 16 our wear kiss proof lip color! Yep, it’s real people and it does not dry out the lips!


Its time to get excited about life! Stay tuned for videos, makeup tips on the best makeup, and blog posts on “How to Pack for your Honeymoon” and “Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations Around the World.” Oh, we cant forget the lip cocktail of the day, because a woman is never dressed until she dresses her lip! Carpe Diem!

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Makeup Tips For Your Vegas Wedding

Hello Beauties!

When it comes to your Vegas wedding, its not just up to the makeup artist to make you beautiful. Having a proper skin care routine and personal grooming, leading up to the big wedding day can help make or break your look! If your not blessed with good skin, here are a few wedding makeup tips that can help perfect your dream look.

wedding makeup tips

2-4 Weeks Before Wedding:

-Start with a good skin care routine of Cleansing, Exfoliating, Using a Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturizer will help give your skin the nutrients it needs to give you that smooth skin and radiant glow.

-Get your hair color freshened up, and polished

wedding makeup tips

1 Week Before Wedding:

-Schedule all waxing Appointments (face, eyebrows, lip and those girly bits:))

-Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment on your hair for extra vibrance

wedding makeup tips


2 Days Before Wedding:

-Get your Spray Tan ( We offer this service!) and schedule your trial (if you are a destination bride and are flying in a few days before).

-Drink a green juice. This will help flush out any toxins you may have so you feel good and refreshed.

The Night Before The BIG Day:

-Wash hair and try not to use too much product

-Exfoliate or mask your face for a perfected soft glow. Dont forget to exfoliate your lips.


-Make sure your hair is dry and clean (unless otherwise advised)

-Wash and gently moisturize your face

-Wear clothing that you can easily take on and off over the head. Button down shirts of zipper hoodies are recommended.

These makeup tips for your wedding, will for sure guarantee the look you will love on your most memorable day in Vegas!