What Is Primer and Why Is It Important

What is primer?….. it’s a question I get asked ALL the time and the truth is you shouldn’t even be wearing a makeup foundation unless you are using a primer! Yep! I said it! Don’t waste your time! Its like walking out of the house without wearing underwear- but worse…and that is why most people hate foundation because they aren’t using a primer to correct the skin, in the first place or they arent on a proper skin care routine- its NEVER the foundation.

what is primer

There are SO MANY primers out there- mostly due to marketing gimmicks, but today I am going to help you understand what is primer so that you can see for yourself primer is AMAZING and it’s a total game changer when perfecting your makeup look.

In one sentence, Primer is a foundation product to wear under your foundation to correct or enhance the skin, thus allowing foundation to be long lasting, smooth, radiant, matte or whatever look your trying to achieve.

With marketing as aggressive as it is out there, we have primers for rosacea, primers for dull skin, oily skin, primer to help reduce pores.  It’s overwhelming, but the most important question you have to do is ask yourself….what am I trying to achieve with a primer? What do I want to correct in my skin?

what is primer

Here is my SECRET LIST of primers that I use on all my clients based on their skin condition and concern. Tried and True Products!

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer- Oily Skin, or the other ones for Radiant and Smoothing

Hourglass Veil Primer- Radiant Skin

Smashbox Primer- All Skin types to Create Smoothness

Pore Professional- To Rid of Large Pores

Dior Primer- For more mature skin (women over 50) In addition to creating smoothness, Dior’s primer contains additional anti aging skin care ingredients.

what is primer

But wait!!!! What about the green, yellow and purple and orange primers I see out there? Those are more corrective primers that correct the skin’s actual discoloring and should only be used to change the skin’s coloring and should be advised from a professional makeup artist if this is your particular challenge.

Again, primers are a game changer in polishing and perfecting your makeup look! It’s important to always think about adding this type of foundation element to any makeup routine for best and optimal results!

Tips To Find Your Bridal Makeup Look For Wedding Day

Not sure how to find the right bridal makeup look for you? With so many styles and looks out there, how do you decide on just one look for the most important day of your life! Here are some helpful tips and tools to help you in finding that perfect look for you that will make heads turn!

Start With The Dress

Yep! Its nearly impossible to create a custom bridal makeup look without knowing what your dress will look like. Your wedding dress sets the tone and the mood for your overall look and feel. Ask yourself…..is my dress elegant, bohemian, more sophisticated… This will help determine the look, mood and feel that will help set the tone.

bridal makeup looks

Start A Pinterest Board

I always recommend to my brides to start a pinterest board and pinning different bridal makeup looks that you like. This is so helpful for your makeup artist. Once you pin a good few, we can start to see a pattern of what you like and it helps to start forming a look for you!

Think About Your Colors

Colors play a huge factor in designing and creating a bridal makeup look for you! If theres a certain pink shade, in your wedding bouquet, we like to match and pair it up with particular pink lip color. Or, perhaps bring our some additional wedding shades in the eye look. Make sure you communicate your wedding colors and bridesmaids dress colors to your artist so he or she can create something that will compliment these shades.

bridal makeup

Share A Selfie

I always require a selfie and inspiration images, being sent to me before signing of contract, so that I can evaluate my brides face shape and be able to communicate to her my thoughts and ideas on the look and how that will translate on her with her facial features before evening stepping into the trial session or day of. Sometimes, we think a certain look would look great on us but if we have smaller or inset eyes, perhaps, another look could be more complimentary.

Overall, it is so important to hire the right makeup artist that can address all your concerns, as well as help you discover your dream look. A experienced makeup artist in bridal specifically can help you determine and discover all of this during the trial session or even before so your day of runs perfectly smooth and stress free!







Best Bridal Makeup Looks of 2017

I cant even count the number of bridal makeup looks we did this year, so I compiled a list of my top  favorite looks of ours personally, as well as, some popular inspiration images shot by real photographers that hit the charts for 2017. The most popular bridal makeup trend we saw was more eye makeup and more lashes. I think instagram is seriously becoming an influence on how we value and want our bridal makeup to be for our special day. All eyes were on point!

bridal makeup

REAL BRIDE: With more done on the eyes were also seeing more lash. These are our custom mink lashes that give a nice open eye, and doll eyed effect! Loved this bridal makeup look on our bride Rachelle and we’ve been getting requests for this look ever since her October wedding!

  bridal makeup

REAL BRIDE AND INSPIRATION IMAGE: This stunner done by @jadeywadey180 hands down is for the bride who wants a bit of glamour on her wedding day. This bridal look is best with a lash extension application, followed by an extra strip on top for the extra lash length.

bridal makeup

REAL BRIDE: For more of a matte, clean bridal makeup look, my clients have been sending me this gorgeous girls face for the almost the last 6 months! A Spring bride, we focused on bringing out her feminine facial features and kept her look clean and simple with our matte airbrush foundation.

bridal makeup

INSPIRATION IMAGE: Soft, yet sexy bridal makeup, this is for the light, dreamy and airy feeling bride. The nude almost flesh toned lip color creates a very soft and dreamy feel. Most recommended on cooler skin tines, but can be be translated to warmer skin tones, with changing out a few eyeshadow colors.

bridal makeup

REAL BRIDE: For her romantic, Parisian inspired wedding theme, our bride wanted a classic bridal look with LOTS of lash. Lashes have become a huge part of wedding makeup, as more and more brides want to experiment with different sets of lashes to create different looks, moods and feel.

bridal makeup

INSPIRATION IMAGE: This is what most would call a natural look, but theres a lot of work still that goes into this look for it to appear natural. While this look is beautiful on most all skin tones, airbrush makeup is best with this type of look with a waterproof eyeliner pencil to eye enhancement.

las vegas makeup artist

REAL BRIDE: Jessica was one bride I could not forget! This bridal makeup look was personally customized to match her gorgeous wedding bouquet! While we chose to contour her eye lid, we opted for colors that helped set the stage for when she walked down the aisle. Gorgeous shot by the lovely Susie and Will Photography.

Hope some of these inspired you for your upcoming wedding! Got a favorite look? Post the look below so we can all share in on your inspiration!