Airbrush Makeup Versus Photo Quality Makeup

There have been so many questions about airbrush makeup versus photo quality makeup in the last few months, I thought it would be nice to address the questions once in for all and give my professional opinion of both qualities, how they work, how they are different and why airbrush is not for everyone, and why I use BOTH!

Airbrush makeup versus quality makeup is different in the formula and how it is applied, but there are also different formulations. Airbrush formula can be made into a water based or even silicone base. Whereas photo quality makeup can be, also, created into different formulas such as hydrating formulas and more thick formulas for a full coverage look. Knowing how to evaluate your clients skin BEFORE choosing a formula is SUPER important because using the wrong formula could make or break the look you are trying to achieve.

Airbrush Makeup:

Airbrush makeup is known due to its light weight formula, providing medium to full coverage without looking or feeling heavy or cakey. Most airbrush formulas come out a silver gun attached to an airbrushing machine with compressor. Most commonly used wedding makeup formulas are Dinair and Temptu. These formulas applied buy the gun is just that. Its applied by the spray gun and you might be able to use a brush around the eye area for added concealer. It is not suppose to be added to my more product or other brush applications. Airbrush makeup is 16 hour wear and water resistant.

las vegas airbrush makeup
Airbrush Makeup Application

Photo Quality Makeup:

Photo Quality Makeup is much more versatile and versatile with other products and can still have the same 16 hour long lasting wear as the airbrush quality makeup. It comes in many different formulas, however, just keep in mind sometimes it does not chemically derive with all primers. Especially, silicone based primers, can be tricky. This is why you need to leave it up to your professional makeup artist to determine what time of primer you need based on the look, your skin and the type of foundation you are using.

las Vegas airbrush Makeup
Photo Quality Foundation Application

Now What?

It’s important to understand the chemistry of different makeup formulas, makeup application and how it applies to the skin and oxidizes, which is why I dont recommend using airbrush formula on everyone as sometimes this formula can be tricky on more mature skin. Their skin needs to be primed a certain way to accept the formula best. Certain primers can help accommodate airbrush makeup versus photo quality makeup and allow it to lay nicely on the skin.

Which One is Best For Me?

Allowing your makeup artist to make recommendations is best. Photo quality foundation can give a more natural look, versus the airbrush quality. Knowing that it is your wedding day, I always recommend a trial session and using a 16 hour wear foundation formula and, or, applying makeup in a way that is 16 hour wear and water resistant. I always customize the foundation formula to my clients needs and desired looks for best outcome!

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How To Do A Bold Bridal Makeup Look

Alexis was one of my brides, last Spring, that was not afraid to sport a bold, bridal makeup look!

Most brides are intimidated to sport a bold lip for their wedding day, but I try and educate as much as possible. If you are wanting that fresh, bold bridal makeup look, you have to create a contrast from the skin tone giving you more of that fresh, feminine glow and that can be done by choosing a bold lip color.

bold bridal makeup look
Lipsense lip cocktail in Plum and Purple Reign

Here are a few bridal makeup tips in sporting a bold lip shade.

How Do Do A Bold Bridal Makeup Look:

1.Match your lip color to one of your wedding accent colors. Do you have red in your bouquet, or a deep plum? Focus on accenting your lip color to match something that is in one of your wedding day elements such as your bouquet or accent flowers.

how to do a bold bridal makeup look

2. Create a Custom Lip Cocktail. Having a hard time matching a complimentary lip shade to your wedding elements? Try mixing your own shade. We mixed two Lipsense colors Plum and Purple Reign to create the perfect custom color for Alexis.

Plum Lipsense

3. Practice a Trial. You have to get used to seeing yourself in a bold bridal makeup look, so practice wearing the lip color BEFORE the wedding day. Taking selfies in the lip color will also help you in knowing how its going to photograph for the wedding day and make you feel more comfortable seeing yourself in such a dramatic look.

Purple Reign Lipsense

4. Keep Eyeshadow Simple, but Add Lots of Lash. By keeping the shadow simple, and adding lots of lash, helps keep the eyes dramatic enough, but balancing out the dramatic of the lip shade.

How to create a bold, bridal makeup look is THAT easy. It’s as simple as that. This plum color on Alexis was the perfect look for her rich, elegant and romantic wedding theme on the gorgeous Riviera Golf Club in Las Vegas. Most popular with our clients, lipsense is a kiss proof lip color, you dont have to ever worry about your lipstick coming off on your groom when you kiss him at the alter! Lipsense comes in 36 shades and can be found in the Facebook private group Wedding Tales and Cocktails here.

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Location: Riviera Golf Club Las Vegas

Dress: Bowties Bridal

Photo: M Place Productions